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Adjustments related to Covid-19

We are currently completely open and everyone can enter (without an appointment). The store offers space for up to 4 customers at the same time, come in small groups of 1-2 people so that there is still some space left for other customers.


At Recap we do everything we can to prevent this bizarre period. coronavirus and keep shopping safe for everyone.


For example, we clean extra (especially the parts that are touched a lot such as door handles, ATM, etc.). We also have disinfectants, we wear masks, we obviously do not shake hands, we keep a little more distance than usual and of course we also ask you to keep your distance from each other and our staff.


In addition, staff with complaints remain at home. We also ask you (if you have complaints) to stay at home. You can of course also simply order online via


Do you have any questions ? We are available in the store during opening hours on number: 030-6339450 and of course you can also email us at: [email protected]


Tip: We are fully open, so try to spread out and avoid the crowds on Saturday afternoon if possible. This is not only safer, but also easier for yourself because there are fewer or no waiting lines.