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To have fun with your shoes for longer, proper maintenance is of great importance, here are some tips that will help:


General Tips:

Alternate shoes regularly, feet lose an average glass of fluid a day, your shoes need at least a day to process this. If you do not do this, the shoe may stink (bacteria!) And turn white, the shoe may also become hard on the inside and wear out more quickly.

Never dry the shoes too close to a heat source (such as a heater or stove), the shoe will dry too quickly and can become hard, the leather can crack and glue can come loose.

Use a shoehorn and always open the closure as far as possible. Always accompany a zipper in the line as it runs, a zipper is fragile and caution with zippers remains important.



Always first remove the dirt with lukewarm water and possibly a green soap. Allow to dry well (so not too close to a heater or heater).

Then feed the leather with a natural polish or a color polish if the leather is visibly damaged. Allow to dry well again and possibly gently after rubbing with a soft cloth or brushing with suede.

Then spray the shoes with a good spray that breathes (with membrane) so that the breathable function of leather is retained. This spray is possibly available in our store and webshop.

Treat shoes at least once a month, which is more than sufficient in nice dry weather. With a lot of rain and / or snow we advise you to do it more often. When using aerosol sprays, the aerosol must always be kept at a distance of approx. 30-35 cm from the shoe due to propellant gases.

Synthetic materials do not need to be sprayed, occasional cleaning is sufficient. For textile and canvas materials, we recommend cleaning, drying and spraying because these materials are more susceptible to stains but do not need to be fed with any polish.

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