Save at Recap

Savings program

At Recap you find the best brands and we are always happy when you come to shop with us in the store or in the webshop. And to thank you for that, we have a savings system where you can save points. With every euro you save 1 point and with 100 points you already receive a 5 euro discount on your next order.

Our customers who come into the store are now familiar with Piggy, but from now on you can also save and redeem points in the webshop.


How does saving work?

You can save up to 1,000 points and every euro you spend is 1 point. When you have completed and paid for an order in the webshop, you will receive an email from Piggy with your points ready. You must click on the "Claim points" button to go to your piggy account to add the points to your point total. If you are using the Piggy savings system for the first time, choose the register button in the email. If you would like to register now, you can do so via


How do I collect these points ?


Example: You have 110 points in your Piggy account. You are shopping in our webshop and you have selected a few nice things with a total value of € 50. You choose to redeem 100 loyalty points. This gives you a discount of € 5. The products now cost only € 45. With the remaining 10 points you can continue to save for a new credit. For the remaining € 45 you will of course receive a link where you can collect your 45 points.

Loyalty points that are further collected through purchases on our webshop can also only be redeemed via this site and therefore cannot be redeemed in the store itself.


Can I also give saved points to someone else or exchange them for cash?

Points saved are non-transferable because they are linked to your personal account. You can redeem them by placing an order at The loyalty points have no cash value. This also applies to items that are returned where points have been redeemed for a discount.


Can I use multiple discount codes?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to use multiple discount codes in our webshop. Don't worry, your Piggy points will remain and you can redeem them the next time.


How does it work with returns and Piggy loyalty points?

The points are only added to your account after 14 days (after the return period) and are automatically canceled if your purchases have been returned before that time.


More information about Piggy

Piggy makes saving very easy. With the Piggy savings card or app you have a savings system at hand that you can use at more than 3500 locations in the Netherlands, also at Recap! The aim is to reward customers for coming and loyalty to the relevant store.

The savings system means that you save points per store and can only redeem them wherever you have earned them. You can see how many points you have saved per store. You can always view these points when you log in to the Piggy app or on your personal page via the website.